Frog Princess Salad


This is obviously a bit rough, but it’s a fun way to give the kids a salad for lunch.


Sandwich Meat (your choice)
Cheese Slice


Put down a layer of cucumber to make sure there is a good variety of each vegetable since it won’t be used much in the design.


Put down a layer of pulled apart lettuce, then some sandwich meat, then another layer of pulled apart lettuce.


For the Frog Princess (yes, I know, this one is a stretch, but my daughter knew it was a Princess right away).  Cut up two slices of cucumbers for the eyes, take a slice of cheese and cut into a crown, cut some small tomatoes in half and those will make the mouth and the jewels on the crown.

You can get little containers to hold the dressing for each salad so your kids can pour their dressing on the salad once they are ready to eat.  Served with cherries.

Hope the kids enjoy the nice surprise for their lunch.  Enjoy!


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