The “e” Folded Towels

img_7996     img_7990

Over 17 years ago I was taught a very particular way to fold towels while in Air Force Basic Training.  I’ve been folding them the same way ever since.  If you are OCD like me or just would like to have your towels organized and displayed neatly, this is the perfect solution. Plus, the kids can help, too!


Lay the towel out flat with the stitching side facing up.  (See the 13 pillows I was talking about in my Hot Dog Twists post?)

img_7992     img_7993

Fold the towel in half from left to right, then fold in half again.

img_7994     img_7995

Fold into thirds towards you.  This will make sure that the “e” is facing the correct way on the thick side of the towel and not the ends of the towel.

This works on any size towel that is shaped as a rectangle.  Like the hand towel pictured below.

img_7985   img_7986    img_7987    img_7988    img_7989    img_7990

Hand towel folded up nice and neat.  Can you see the “e” in the towel?  Hence the term.


Towels are all folded and put away and look great.  Of course you don’t have to lay the towels down on a bed to fold.  You can stand up and fold which saves more time.  Just apply the same concept standing up.  Stitching away from you.  Fold away from you and the crease will be on your left hand.  Fold again, crease on the left hand.  Then fold the triple folds towards you.  And done.  If you’ve never done this type of fold, it may require a bit of practice, but hope it helps make your towel storage area a little neater.


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