Pork-loin Scallions w/ Corn on the Cob and Cucumber Salad (1 Hour)

Another lunch that was made at Baby Banz that can be made during an office extended lunch break.  Since this is being done during a lunch break, make sure to buy pork-loin scallions that have already been seasoned and wrapped in bacon from your grocery store.  If you want, you can also buy pre-seasoned corn on the cob.



Pre-seasoned Pork-loins wrapped in Bacon
Pre-seasoned Corn on the Cob
1 Cucumber
1 Red Onion
Small Tomatoes
Sunflower Seeds

Start the coals on the grill (this is the longest part).




img_8030     img_8031

While the coals are heating up, go ahead and wrap your corn in tin foil to help cook them without having to rotate several times.  If you are preparing your own pork-loins, go ahead  and prepare them at this time as well.



Start cutting up the cucumber into slices, the red onion into small pieces, and the tomatoes cut them in half.  Place all of these in a mixing bowl and mix up.  Add dressing and mix up once it is time to serve the food.  Sprinkle sunflower seeds on top to add a nice little crunch to the meal.






Cover the grill grate with tinfoil.  Place the corn on the cob and pork-loins on top to start cooking.  Be patient with pork-loins as they can take a little longer to cook based on the thickness of the meat. Flip every few minutes to make sure you have a nice even cook on the meat.






Once the bacon starts getting crispy on the ends (this can take about 20 minutes if the coals are not extremely hot) pull a pork-loin and cut in the middle to see if they are done.  It should be a very light pink and not a light brown like the outside.







A nice treat for an office lunch.  The pork-loins were so tender and just melted in your mouth.  A fast and great meal to enjoy with some coworkers over lunch.  Enjoy.


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