Eau Claire, WI

Day 3 of our adventures for Labor Day Weekend 2016 brought us to Eau Claire, WI where we visited the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp and Chippewa Valley Museum.



Kids had a great time here.  This is the first thing you see when you pull up to the camp.  Crazy how tall the oldest one is, sure hope he stops growing soon or he may become the next Paul Bunyan.  There is a lot of educational information on this tour, it’s great just to take the whole family or even have as a school field trip if you are near the area.  Inside they ask you were you are from and you get to put a pin on their map for where you are visiting from.  We were the first family to pin the map from our area.  The little ones loved that part.  Most interesting fact learned from this.  The lumberjacks worked for a $1 a day and the horses were paid $0.75 a day.



An interesting piece of artwork right outside the entrance that was donated to the camp.  Forgot who donated this item.








After you watch the video about the lumberjacks and their life, off you go into the camp.  There is an educational play area where the kids played games and even got to see a miniature working model of a lumber mill.  They got to push logs up into the mill from the river, much like the lumberjacks would have done.



Our youngest daughter carried the map and took us on the guided tour.  Their were many log cabins, but they all pretty much looked like this on the outside.  On the inside though was a different story.  You got to see and experience so many different experiences that a lumberjack would have to endure during the job and how they lived.

I think the living quarters was the best part.  Large bunkbeds set up around the entire cabin where there had to be at least 20 people that had to sleep and live in one small cabin.


Some more Paul Bunyan statues around the camp.

img_8170     img_8172

You can also get tickets to the Chippewa Valley Museum that is connected to the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp.



The museum had a statue of an eagle in front of it.  I love eagles, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a photo of this statue.

There were several rooms and sites inside of this museum.  The best part I would have to say is the scavenger hunt for the kids.  The get to go around the whole museum looking for all the objects on the list and win a prize at the end when they turn in the sheet.  The kids enjoyed this part a lot.  If you like learning about history and also playing “I Spy,” this place is right up your alley.


This is the only thing in the museum that I wanted to take a picture of.  This reminded me of my Aunt’s dollhouse that she made and collected objects for throughout her whole life before passing on.  It was actually the only thing I stood in front of for several minutes.

Thank you to both these museums for a great time on our educational vacation.


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