Stillwater, MN

During Labor Day Weekend 2016 we visited several places with the family on our trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The family went on many adventures and to several cities.  Among some of those amazing cities we visited was the town of Stillwater, MN.  Here are just some of the things you can do in Stillwater.  We actually went to this town 2 consecutive days.



Stillwater is known as the Birth Place of Minnesota.  If you love history, this is definitely a place to knock off your bucket list.








Among all the restaurants and local businesses in downtown Stillwater is the Stillwater Tour that will take you through all of downtown.  You can see some great artwork along the way with this mapped tour.  Best part is the tour is free and at your own pace.  The little ones really enjoyed this tour and trying to find all the pieces of art.  Here are the photos of all 10 pieces of art on the tour



#1. Egghead. – He’s reading Humpty Dumpty.



#2. Heard No. 1





#3. En Point, Etc. – Time to pose.  This took much longer than we thought it would for them to get to this exact pose.



#4. Combustion




#5. Thatsalotofbull – Looks like it is eating my kid.




#6. Chokecherry Tree. – This one was actually very interesting because it was made out of spoons, forks, and marbles.



#7. Best Friends.




#8. Kloppenboot.





#9. Lucky Dragonfly Gong. – Watch out!  It’s attacking!



#10. Trapped. – The kids liked this one the most I think.  It’s an animal made out of animal traps.




A few more pieces of art you can see along the way is this Peanut’s character covered in chocolate at the candy shop at the end of downtown.  At the beginning there is a water fountain that the family thought it looked like the kids were drowning one of the other kids from a distance.  Once we got closer we realized it was reaching for the money at the bottom of the pot.

img_8139     img_8066

The greatest part about this little walk was this bridge.  In the first picture you can see Wisconsin.  That’s right!  Stillwater is on the border of Wisconsin and you can literally walk to another state.  The picture on the right is making it to the other side and then looking back on Minnesota.  Pretty cool.

img_8056     img_8057



If you are up for the challenge and would like to get a good leg workout in, I definitely recommend these stairs.  This set of stairs has 156 steps to climb, but once you get to the top you will have a great overlook of the entire city.  The family was glad they climbed the stairs, but were definitely regretting the climb while it was happening.






Here is just part of the view from the top.  It was such a beautiful day and the weather during September was amazing.  We stayed up here until everyone caught there breathe and felt like adventuring back down the stairs.  There was a guy that went up and down these steps 3 times while we were there.  The kids were extremely impressed that he was running up the steps most of the time.




There were so many great shops and great places to eat.  I didn’t take photos of most of the places because there were just too many.  The first night we went to a German restaurant called Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter for dinner.  They had great German food.



This place was decorated in so much German culture.  There were so many things written in German and for someone that took German in school it was nice to read somethings in German and even speak a little German with the kids.  There were decorations of made from alters and beer steins everywhere.  Out of all the beer steins though, this was my favorite one.  Just so you have an understanding of how large this one is, my oldest son is 6′ 3″.




The second night we went on the St. Croix Boat & Packet.  This is a little over 2 hours where you can eat, drink, and just enjoy the sunset and scenery with the family while paddling down the river.

img_8141     img_8068

The boat was very clean and so enjoyable for the family.  The kids loved running around the boat just checking out the paddles that pushed the boat along.  Climbing to the third floor to stare outside at the Minnesota and Wisconsin from the same spot, going under the new bridge that was being built, waving at other boats, and so many other things.  It’s a buffet style dinner which was good.  The greatest part really though was that the boat was family friendly and the kids could just explore the boat the whole time and you didn’t have to worry the entire time.

img_8142     img_8145

img_8149     img_8152

Stillwater was amazing and definitely recommend this as a place to check out if you happen to be close to the area.


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