Milwaukee, WI

On day 4, of our Labor Day Weekend 2016, we visited the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The best part of day 4 was that we got to meet up with my Brother-in-Law who is attending school nearby.



In the entrance from the parking garage you will find this piece of art.  A shovel in dirt.  My youngest son couldn’t understand in the beginning that he couldn’t touch the dirt because it was part of the art sculpture.  Then he kept calling it “art dirt”.

After climbing several flights of stairs you enter the museum.  We didn’t actually go into the museum itself, just the entry way.  This area was fascinating enough and we just wanted to get outside to see Lake Michigan (the third Great Lake that our family has gone and seen in the last 2 years).


This is the ceiling of the museum from two different directions, just an incredible site.  Photos don’t do it justice.

img_8180     img_8178



If you head outside, there is a bridge you can walk across and get a straight shot of this fountain.  It actually goes in both directions.  Notice how the water progressively gets higher as the path continues.  I really enjoyed the symmetry of this part of outside and just how massive it really was.






If you turn around on the bridge you will see this massive portion of the building.  It looks like a sail for a boat.





If you walk further away from the building and head towards the park you will see just how amazing this building is.  If you look, it actually does resemble a boat that is heading into Lake Michigan.  When we looked up this place it was said to be the most Instagrammable building.  I would have to agree.



Some more outside art.  I don’t know what they were called, but still interesting.  Picture on the left is a car wrapped around a pole and the picture on the right is some tubes that had a German name that I can’t remember.

img_8191     img_8189

Next we took a very long stroll along Lake Michigan and checked out the park along the way.  A great place to Pokémon Go with the family while you have a nice long stroll.  Another great day with beautiful weather.  I think we walked around 4 miles altogether around this park.



Near the beginning of our walk we came across a monument dedicated to General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.  My Brother-in-Law served in the Marines and I served in the Air Force, so this was definitely a monument we had to take a photo of.

We even took the opportunity to look up and learn about how many 5-Star General’s there have been in our history.  Day 4 was no different, still had to make it educational.



We saw people flying kites with extremely long tails on them and even a kite flag.  We were heading towards the bikes that can seat the entire family, but decided not to once we finally got there.  We did that once when we visited Duluth, MN the year before and remembered how exhausting that was and wanted to do something else instead.

img_8185     img_8186

By the time we made it back to the car, after not finding any way to be able to actually touch Lake Michigan, we decided to head to dinner.  We decided to eat at the Milwaukee Sail Loft that was on the Kinnickinnic River.



The food was great at this restaurant and the view was amazing.  We stayed her for 2 hours enjoying food, drinks, and all the boats.  You can’t really see it, but that is a dock right on the other side of that fence.  Boats kept coming up and parking to come to the restaurant.  The entire time we were just amazing and jealous of anyone that could just pull up a boat to a restaurant to go eat.

Another great day that sadly had to come to an end, which brings me to the end of our Labor Day Weekend 2016 adventures.

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