Clothing Drawers

Running out of space in your clothing drawers?  Having trouble seeing what you own?  Keep grabbing shirts that maybe have a design on them and you just want a plain shirt?  Here is a technique that my family has used for a while.  It saves space and everything is visible.

Before, all my shirts use to take up so much space.  Then if I was looking for a specific shirt, I would have to dig through what I had leaving my clothes either unfolded or strewn about in the drawer.  Especially if you are getting dressed in a dark room if people are sleeping.  This just causes your drawers to be unorganized or you have to spend more time refolding clothes.  Nobody wants to do that.

img_8285     img_8286

So, after folding your clothes, I was taught this little trick.  After everything is folded, Fold them in half with the thick end of the fold facing up.



Look at all that extra room now.  Instead of only fitting 3 rows of shirts on top of each other.  I can now fit 4 rows of shirts and I can see every shirt I have available.  Each color, each one that has a design, and nicely organized to quickly grab what I want to wear that day.

You can even separate your drawers by shirts with patterns or shirts without.  This helps keep everything nice and neat and even easy enough for kids to do and keep their drawers organized (although kids tend not to keep this up every time).


You can apply this for your short drawer, workout drawer, or any drawer that you want to have some more organization and some more space.  I was cramming my clothes into drawers until I was shown this.  Hope this saves you some space and organizes your clothing drawers a little better.

IMG_8288.jpg     img_8289


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