Apple Cinnamon Fall Sangria

This was a huge hit for our Pizza and Movie Night tonight.  So, if you are having a party, even if it’s just by yourself, here is a great drink.




6 Red Apples
4 Pears
750 mL Cinnamon Whiskey
1 Bottle Pinot Grigio
64 oz. Apple Cider
1 L Club Soda



Chop the apples and pears into cubes.  Pour inside your serving container.  Then pour in the 750 mL of Cinnamon Whiskey into the serving container.  Let whiskey sit in the fruit for 2 hours.

img_8790     img_8791

After fruit has marinated for the 2 hours, pour in the bottle of Pinot Grigio, 64 oz. of Apple Cider, and the 1 L of Club Soda.

img_8792    img_8793    img_8794

Stir all the ingredients together and serve.  The fruit was delicious.  Like miniature fireball shots.  Enjoy!

img_8795     img_8796


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