Cancún, Mexico

The wife and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary in Cancún, Mexico this year.  All I can say is: WOW.  I don’t know how to really put into words just how amazing this trip was.  This is our first time being on a vacation/trip where we didn’t have a work related event or have any children.  It was incredible.  We stayed at the Secrets Playa Mujeres Golf and Spa Resort for 8 days that was all inclusive (that’s the important part to remember).  8 days of just incredibleness with my best friend of 21 years.  There were so many great things that we were able to do and so many more things that we didn’t get to see.  Here was our trip.


We had to catch our flight at 6 AM.  We are not morning people, so being to the airport that early made it very interesting for us, but we knew we were headed to Mexico so we were pumped to get on our flight.



Around 2 PM we finally landed in Mexico, processed through customs, and found our vehicle to take us to our resort.  There are so many resort locations and the guides have to tell you what color shirt to look for because there are about 15 different teams here.  I had to take a picture of there airport tower because it had a huge Corona sign on the tower.  It’s like the airport was sponsored by Corona.  Just kind of set the mood to expect that there would be a lot of alcohol in Mexico if even the airport tower had alcohol on it.



We arrived at the hotel lobby where we are greeted by an amazing staff, cold towelettes, and champagne.  Yes, we are given alcohol the second we arrive.  Then we are greeted by this statue that basically tells us to put our hands in the air and party.  Believe me, there was a lot of partying over the week.

img_8396     img_8399

They then bring us to the golf carts that are on a 5 minute rotation around the resort 24/7.  That’s right, no matter what time of the day it is, the longest you had to wait to be transported somewhere was 5 minutes.  It was never that long because they typically had 2 – 3 carts in rotation the entire time.  Here are the views we saw initially just being driven in the golf cart.  Oh and while we are still drinking our champagne.

img_8400     img_8401     img_8403

The view was so amazing for the brief duration of driving to get to the main reception area.  Then even more amazing sites once we got there.  WARNING: There will be a lot of photos of this place because seeing this place you couldn’t help but take photos.

You head across this walkway that has water, like the picture on the left, on both sides.  Then you see the Resort Flamingo Guard (that’s what I called it because why else is it there).  I took a picture of the map just so I didn’t have to carry it around.  Look at the size of this place.

img_8404     img_8406     img_8408

Inside the reception area (which is only for preferred members) was amazing.  We went into this place several times since we had access.  Inside here they have a buffet set up of little horderves that were so delicious and was changed to different items 3 times a day.  They even put fresh flowers on the tables everyday.

img_8409     img_8410     img_8413



Probably the best part though was this open liquor wall.  Yes, you grab whatever you want off the shelf and pour yourself shots or your drink on the rocks.  If you like a mixed drink, just bring the bottle up to the bar and you can have the bartender make your mixed drink.


This wall was a huge hit with several guests and you would see people doing a couple shots before leaving.  After a couple drinks and some snacks, we finally headed to our room.


On our way to the room you have to walk past some more art work and the huge pool area.

img_8416     img_8417     img_8418

As we continued to walk, I took the opportunity to take some photos of more of the scenery and a picture of the outside view of one of the rooms with their pools on their back patios.

img_8420     img_8421     img_8422

Finally we are at the room after a very long day of traveling.  We open our door and all we could say was, “Holy crap.”  We were in so much aww and shock at how incredible this room was.  The room had an iPad for room service, the bathroom was ginormous, and we had a private walk out pool on our patio that had a yard where you could walk out to get to the beach.  It was amazing.  Also, they would put fresh lilies in your room.

img_8424     img_8425     img_8426     img_8427    img_8457    img_8429     img_8430    img_8423     img_8432

The room was amazing, we changed and headed straight for our pool for a few hours before calling it a night.


Up bright and early for breakfast at the Oceana restaurant right across from our room that overlooks the beach.  The setting of the table was beautiful and we were served bottomless mimosas from a fancy cart.  Wife loved this part because they served mimosas the way she feels they should be served, 99% champagne and 1% orange juice.

img_8434     img_8435     img_8436

The breakfast was great.  Wife had eggs benedict and I had breakfast tacos.  We were both amazed at how fresh the eggs were here.  You can see that the yolks are golden.

img_8437     img_8440     img_8438

We then headed to the beach and the swing bar.  Yes, the bar had swings that you could sit on and swing while you drank.  An adult kids dream.  The picture was great on the right, but the best part was that our room is right below those flowers.

img_8441     img_8442     img_8446

After a few hours on the beach we decided to head up to the pool, because drinks are much closer at the pool and the ocean reached it’s limit of being fun with the small waves.  Pool is much more relaxing.  Didn’t take many photos because of the water and all.  Then went back to the reception area for more snacks before calling it a night.  We were in the pool for about 6 hours and got completely sunburned.  I also played in a Ping Pong tournament “Cancún Ping Pong Championship 2016,” I ended up getting 3rd place and felt pretty good about that.

img_8447     img_8456


This day was a little slower because we stayed out of the sun, but we started off our day with a brunch buffet.  Look at the size of their omelet station.  After eating we went up to the Lobby to schedule our boat tour and had to take a picture of the iguana with monkey hands.

img_8458     img_8459     img_8460

We then had our spa treatment that took up several hours of the day before our romantic private dinner overlooking the beach.  No photos from that because part of the time you were in the pool that had massage stations where water sprayed you.  They had a hot tub and a cold tub as well, the cold tub was 50 degrees.  We both went in the cold tub and it was so cold that it caused your feet to feel numb and tingly.  I did a quick dunk up to my neck and then instantly jumped into the regular pool.  It was so cold.

The romantic dinner setup up was beautiful, wish it could have been closer to the beach, but service would have probably been really difficult.  The food for this meal was really good and we were served the largest lobster tail we’ve ever had.  We had to force ourselves through finishing those tails, I believe they were 2 lbs lobster tails.  We were served muscles, shrimp, soup, something with a very weird tasting drink, lobster, and desert (but it was a sort of gelatin, so not great).  I don’t remember everything on the menu.  It was a sunset dinner and cloudy, so it was amazing to see the moon come through the clouds.  Pictures really don’t do it any justice.  It was an incredible dinner and we had a great time talking with our server afterwards as well.

img_8461     img_8468     img_8474     img_8475     img_8485     img_8489     img_8490     img_8491     img_8492     img_8494     img_8495




You could get room service anytime of the day.  So, the next day we slept in and had room service delivered and tried several items.  Just because we could.  The Flank Steak (or as we kept saying it “Flank Stank” (family joke)) was amazing, probably the best food while we were there.  I had Flank Stank once every day after having my first one.  This was a good late afternoon meal.






Later that night we went to dinner before going to the comedy/magic show.  We went to Himitsu, which was the Japanese restaurant.  There are no more photos beyond this because the food wasn’t great.  Also, warning, it’s the only time we have ordered sushi and had to tell a waiter not to have any cheese put in the sushi. Yes, the sushi was served with Queso.


Had to take a picture of the fire pits that are lit at night and the wife wanted to take a picture with the resort guard.  Also, had to take a picture of my beautiful wife in the jungle.

img_8503     img_8505     img_8510




As we waited for the show to start, we were able to have a few more drinks and watch Ghostbusters on the outside theater laying down on the beach chairs.  Ghostbusters is such a great movie and it also allowed me to learn a little extra Spanish.  Also, the person running the movie and making the popcorn we believe was watching this movie for the first time, because she was laughing so hard at all the appropriate times and at times that just aren’t as funny after you have seen it several times.


It was now time for the show.  The first show was a music performance show where they performed and sang songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.  That was the theme, but then they slipped in a song by Cher that was from the early 2000s.  All credibility lost.  Just kidding, it was still a pretty good show.

img_8521     img_8522     img_8523    img_8524     img_8525     img_8526     img_8527     img_8528     img_8529

Then finally the comedy show, which we found out right before that it was also a magic show.  I even got to be a part of the show as well and even played into the magicians hand for the show.  Let me explain.  My grandfather was a famous magician who actually created most of the tricks that magicians perform now, like the card tricks, the doves being pulled out of jackets, and several more.

img_8530     img_8532



After the show I walked up to the magician and asked him if he knew my grandfather.  The magician was extremely excited and said that he had several books with his stuff in them and thanked me for sharing the information and he was glad to meet someone that was related to a person that he followed as a profession.  Took an opportunity to get a selfie with him.

It was a great ending to one of our relaxing days.







The next day we got to go out onto a boat that will take you to the island across from the resort, Isla Mujeres.  The boat took you out into the middle of the ocean where you got to climb into the water and snorkel with the fish.  You also got to swim to an underwater museum that was recently built to create an eco system for the fish.  Wish we had our underwater camera because it was a pretty amazing sight.



After snorkeling for about an hour, we got back on the boat and headed to the island.  When you get to the island you have a couple of hours to explore, you can rent a golf cart and drive it around the island.  We got a golf cart and just started driving.  We didn’t have a plan for anything and just kept going as long as we saw other golf carts on the road.

img_8538     img_8539

Eventually we saw a sign for a turtle sanctuary, where you got to see the stages of the turtles as they grew up; from where the eggs were laid, 1 day old turtles (which was the most adorable part, and a few more stages as the turtles grew.  We even got to see albino turtles.

img_8552     img_8550     img_8549      img_8542     img_8543     img_8545

We drove around the island a little longer before heading back since we only had the golf cart until 30 minutes before having to get back on the boat and we still wanted to go and check out some of the local stores.  I didn’t take any photos of the local stores, I was still sight seeing.  I had to take a picture of the size of their lobsters, because it reminded me of the lobster we had for our romantic dinner.

img_8554     img_8559     img_8560     img_8561

We got back on the boat, after doing some shopping, where we were taken to the clear waters near the island and were able to get back into the water and just swim around.  Nothing to really see in this area, but there was one tiny fish that kept swimming around me like I was a reef.  Even when I swam away it followed me, it was pretty funny.  Got back on the boat to head back and on the way we even saw a reef shark.  We couldn’t get close enough to get a good picture, but everyone on the boat was really excited all of a sudden which is how we found out about it from where we were sitting.  Everyone thought it was a dolphin, you know, because dolphins swim on the top of the surface of the ocean and their tails flip from left to right like a fish.  Don’t worry, we informed them it was a shark.

Finally getting back to the island we hung out for a little while before deciding to head to dinner.  Before dinner though, we happened to see that there was a black jack tournament going on.  So, the wife and I sat down for the game…and we WON!!!  Granted it was suppose to be an individual tournament, but since everyone at the table were paired up as a couple it turned into a combined winnings situations at the end.  I had the most chips and the wife had the second most chips, we killed it at the tables and won this free shirt as a token.  You can see our pile of chips in the background on the picture to the right.

img_8571     img_8572

We then headed to dinner to the French restaurant, which was amazing.  We basically ordered one of everything on the menu to try the items.  By this time in our trip I was ordering and speaking in all Spanish, which is a big deal since the wife is fluent in Spanish and I was better with German.  We had escargot (which was the best we had ever had), muscles, chocolate covered foie gras, minced duck or lamb, french onion soup (delicious), the lobster bisque was the only thing weird because it was served pureed in a cafe cup, lamb, and duck.

img_8573     img_8574     img_8575     img_8576     img_8577     img_8578     img_8579

It was an amazing meal, by far the best we had had during the trip, and a great ending to a wonderful day.


Today we went golfing on the resort which is one of Cancún’s top courses.  The course was so beautiful and so many animals on and around the course.  Wife played a few holes and then enjoyed just driving the golf cart while enjoying the scenery.

img_8581     img_8617    img_8600     img_8631

There were so many birds and iguana’s on the course.  The iguana’s were very brave and allowed you to get very close to them to take a picture.  One of them made like a growling sound at me when I got too close though.  Either way, I thought it was pretty neat that we were golfing next to these animals.  I even had to hit a ball out of the sand right next to a vulture.

img_8607     img_8625     img_8634

The best part though was on Hole #9.  We saw a sign that says watch for crocodiles (these signs we started noticing everywhere after that).  After teeing off, half way down the green one of the workers called me over to him.  He asked if we wanted to see a crocodile.  Of course we said yes and he brought us to where he was standing trying to get the crocodile out of the water.  Unfortunately the thing never came out.  The guy was very disappointed that he didn’t have any food on him right now.  As I was taking photos, he was showing my wife photos of him and the crocodile after telling her that he was a very friendly animal.  That he had been feeding the crocodile everyday for 7 years.  The crocodile had to be around 8′ long from the photo’s, but I could only get a picture of his head.  This was the closest I was willing to get.

img_8587     img_8589     img_8590



After a great day of golfing we headed back to the resort to change for dinner.  Tonight we decided to then try the Italian restaurant.  While waiting for our table we walked upstairs to the theater and bar area.  They were playing Star Wars Episode VII and it was just starting.  They went all out on this one.  They had people dressed as Leia and Obi Wan, they even had an Imperial Walker on display.  Pretty cool.  I’ll be honest, the nerd in me was pretty excited to see the Imperial Walker.



Finally our table was ready for our dinner at the Italian restaurant.  The food was terrible and the service was miserable.  We didn’t recommend this place to anyone if they asked.  We had a tomato salad, something that I can’t remember the name, veil, there was a sushi pizza that I thought would be interesting but it was covered in queso (absolutely awful, I was able to take 1 bite), pork, I even tried their Lime Sorbet (it was more like a lime ice cube).  By far the worst experience of the entire trip.

img_8638     img_8639     img_8641     img_8642     img_8643     img_8644


We had breakfast in bed (first picture on the left) and had a nice relaxing day before going to the French restaurant again to try some new items on the menu.

img_8645     img_8647     img_8648     img_8649     img_8650     img_8651


Our last day here.  We headed down to the beach again to take the wife on a Wave Runner for the first time in her life.  She was very nervous in the beginning, but eventually relaxed and we went up and down the beach at full speed.  It had been years since the last time I road on one myself.  No pictures of course because of the water.  We hung out at the pool for the rest of the day before going to an early dinner.  This time we decided to try the Hibachi grill, but you have to get there early or there aren’t any seats available.  Although this was not our first time on a Hibachi grill, it was still fun to watch and the food was really good as well.  Even had some fried ice cream at the end of the meal.

img_8660     img_8662     img_8665     img_8666     img_8667     img_8669  img_8670     img_8671     img_8673     img_8675     img_8676     img_8677


Today was a sad day and the trip had to come to an end.  We had breakfast at the Oceana restaurant, like we did the first full day we were there, and then headed to the airport since we had to leave about 4 hours before boarding.  Our flight once we got back into the states was delayed for about 3 hours, which made for a very long trip back home.  It was a great trip and I can’t wait for our next vacation.  No idea where that will be yet though.

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