Boo Bash 2016

Boo Bash 2016 was a huge hit.  We had several treats from previous posts for snacks and food for the kids: Hot Dog Mummies, Edible Arachnids, Ghost and Pumpkin Marshmallows, Virgin Apple Cinnamon Fall Sangria, and Apple Cinnamon Fall Sangria.

img_8866     img_8863     img_8842     img_8865     img_8796

The wife did a great job decorating the inside of the house for the party while I made the treats and worked on decorations outside.  There were several other decorations around the house as well, this was just the serving table.


This was a costume party and our family went as the Wizard of Oz.  My two oldest daughters couldn’t be here which was sad, but unfortunately with the everyone’s traveling schedules we had to have the party early.  Our dog even got dressed up for the party and was the Wicked Witch’s Evil Monkey.  We even had a miniature yellow brick road.  We had three other families in attendance that also had great costumes.

img_8869     img_8870

We even had a haunted house for the party.  Took me several day to put that together on my front porch.  If you have a large front porch or an empty garage, I recommend doing this if you are going to have a party or just want to do something extra from Halloween.



If you do decide to set up a haunted house, make sure to have a drawn layout first of what you would like to do.  My layout changed slightly where I didn’t have multiple turns as I originally thought about doing.  I ended up only making the first and fourth wall so that there was a large walk in room.  And the first room I blocked off more to make that a large walk in room as well.



To set up a haunted house room I recommend getting black tarps to make it quicker.  I used trash bags and cut in half length wise.  Did not realize how large my porch really was until I started working and barely made it half way after the first day.  I also recommend a staple gun and duck tape.

img_8800     img_8809

I had to take photos during the day since the camera couldn’t catch anything at night.  The outside had skeleton bones, gargoyles that faces lit up red.  Then you walked inside the first room where a witch greets you with 4 different phrases.  We had floating eyeballs and words spray painted on the walls telling people to “Turn Back.”

img_8849     img_8850

The next room you enter has a little graveyard where the creature behind the tombstones pups out screaming and says, “Welcome to our graveyard”.  This was a perfect height for kids because you couldn’t see the creature until it popped out at and was almost eye level.  I hung several sets of plastic chains for the ceiling to push through as well.  We had skeleton bones around the room and glowing eyes.  As you leave the room you see a flying demon and a phantom on the ground that face lights up green, moans, and the face moves forward.  This room also had a black light in it to make everything glow a little better.

img_8851     img_8852     img_8853

You then enter the first turn of the hallway where you are greeted by a screaming skeleton and their is a spider right in front of the fog machine that drops down about 3 feet that has glowing eyes.  Yes, we had a fog machine which helped make it harder to see of course.  The spider was the entry to the Spider Hallway.  We had glow in the dark spider webbing and glow in the dark spray that was sprayed over everything to make it looks like webbing.  We had a skeleton hanging in a spider web on our living room window (2nd picture).  Then at the end of the hallway was the safe zone with the flowing pumpkins and the door skeleton.

img_8854     img_8855     img_8856

This thing was so cool at night and was a huge hit with the kids.  Even the littlest kid (3 years old) that came to the party loved this, which I was worried about because he was scared of people in costumes.  The kids loved this so much, they ran several loops around the haunted house and just kept doing it over and over for a good 30 minutes after their first walk through tour.  This is probably going to stay up until Halloween and probably be part of trick-or-treating for the neighborhood.  It was a great party and may become a tradition around the house from now on.


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