Oldest Son’s Driver’s License

It’s official folks, today my oldest son got his Driver’s License.  Watch out world.  He has had his own car for several months now, but hasn’t been allowed to drive it on his own yet.  Then of course I had to take it to the auto hobby shop for repairs before taking him to have his driving test done to get his license.  Well he passed his driving test.  The best part though is when the police officer that was administering the test walked into the building. She said, “Well, he passed the test.  Just don’t judge his parking.”  He told me that he found out that he scored a 90% on the driving test and was told to just park, so he wasn’t really worried.  This is what I walked out to see.


Wow, all I could do was shake my head and take a picture.  This picture just seemed appropriate.  This was given to my son by a friend.

I think this needs to be made into a shirt for him #parkingproblems.







After sitting at the DMV for an hour he finally got his license and was able to drive us home.  This is him asking if I am taking a photo of him driving and why.  I told him, “Of course, this is your first time driving with an official license.  I don’t even have to be in the car.”

He then said, “Okay, open the door and jump out then.”  I had to laugh.  A lot of responsibility coming his way with a license.  Very proud dad here.  This opens up so many opportunities for him and also opens up the wife and I’s schedule since now we won’t have to drive him to and from work every time now.  So, a little bit of freedom has been earned today for all parties.

Although I am very proud that he has his license, I fell like I may have to install this on his car for the future once I get it out of the auto hobby shop.  I honestly can only hope that he has a better driving record than I do by the time he graduates High School.



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